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Anna Chang

Anna Chang

Class of 2008, Cornell University

"I would also like to say something about how the Endeavour Academy has helped me to get where I am right now. High school is supposed to prepare students for the real world, whether it is right into the job market or at college. The only classes that actually thoroughly prepared me for college were the ones taught by Mr. Kliewer though the Endeavour Academy."

"The skills that I learned from the Endeavour Academy have been directly applicable in my engineering classes. No other class offered by PRHS will give a hands-on experience of project teams. No other class offered by PRHS will teach leadership and team building skills. In no other class offered by PRHS can you practice presenting to a professional audience."

"I am currently a sophomore in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University, and I firmly believe it was the Endeavour Academy that helped me stand out in the vast pool of applicants. Paso Robles Unified School District can not afford to lose such a program without vast consequences."