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A collection of acknowledgements from Endeavour students, parents and community members.

Anna Chang

"The skills that I learned

Class of 2008, Cornell University "I would also like to say something about how the Endeavour Academy has helped me to get where I am right now. High school is supposed to prepare students for the real world, whether it is right into the job market or at college. The only classes...Read More

Elaine Silver

”The Endeavour Academy was not only a fun class, but it also prepared me for my future college career.”

HS class of 2006              Columbia University ”The Endeavour Academy was not only a fun class, but it also prepared me for my future college career.”

Jim Gustafson


“I have had significant background in the electronics industry and years working overseas with third-world kids. My son Matthew is in his fourth year at Cal Poly and counts the Endeavor Academy as the most important time spent at Paso High. My point is that the academic preparation was...Read More

Claire and Lance Silver

Parents and local business

“Our two daughters graduated Paso High in 2006.  Our daughter, Elaine Silver, was Valedictorian and her twin sister, Melanie Silver, was off just one grade from that highest honor. They both were accepted to Columbia University, majoring in Environmental Engineering...Read More

David Hood

class of 2008, Hope University

I just want to say that it was directly because of Mr. Kliewer that I am pursuing a career in particle physics. He believed in me 100% of the way. Even when I failed he picked me up again. I owe a great deal to this man as a student.

Pedro Flores

HS class of 2006 CalPoly State University

”I have no doubt that my involvement in Endeavour impressed the admissions office and [smoothed] my way into CalPoly.

Matt Gustafson

HS class of 2007 CalPoly State University

”This class has been very beneficial to me.  I have learned so many useful things that will help me excel in life.

Brent Edelman

HS class of 2009 MIT

“Engineering Design has been an interesting class that has given me new horizons on engineering. The skills I have learned throughout the year will carry on throughout college and into my career. From WAM to Family Science Night to Balloon Fest, I have learned many valuable things that...Read More

Valerie Lloyd

HS class of 2010

“I have learned the process of how to think like an engineer. From this class, I have learned that I really want to major in engineering and probably more specifically, environmental engineering. My ultimate dream would be working as somebody who designs, or improves on designs of more...Read More

Sara Mason

HS class of 2010

“The Endeavour Academy might seem to be a diabolical combination of the two most abyssal subjects in school: math and science. However, these classes are really a neat way of learning how to cope in an occupational atmosphere. This year in the Engineering Design class, I studied many...Read More

Dennis Eamon Young


“It has been my good fortune to know Steve Kliewer, as well as get to know you, through my ongoing photographic documentation of the Endeavour program in Paso Robles. It must be stated that I do not engage in said photography as part of my professional business, but rather on a pro bono...Read More

Jerry Hill

Science consultant

“My name is Jerry Hill.  I am just short of 70 years old, so have been around for a while.  I am Senior Science Advisor for a small company, which provides integrated Web-based applications to government and commercial customers, and am currently writing proposals to...Read More

Melanie Silver

HS class of 2006 Columbia University

”I have learned more in this class than in all my other classes combined”