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California Central Coast
NASA Teacher Resource Center
Operated by Space Information Laboratories, Inc.
A non-profit company dedicated to "hands-on" education and space research

Main Phone:   (805) 734-1747 or cell: (805) 801-2245
Program Information & Fax:   (805) 734-1030

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Space-Related Teaching Materials

Educators can copy a variety of space-related teaching materials (free of charge) for use in the classroom at California Central Coast NASA Teacher Resource Center located in the Space Endeavour Center. These materials include video tapes, K-12 curriculum, slides, and audio tapes. Educators are required to bring in blank video tapes and paper to make copies at the Center. If an educator does not bring required media, you can purchase your supplies at the Center.

Some printed materials are free and include:

  • Space Related Pictures for the classroom
  • Space Related Curriculum and Activities

Additionally, we offer the following materials to be copied at the Center:

Space Videotape Collection Series. Many have accompanying curriculum guides
Subject Tapes   Subject Tapes
1. Aeronautics 11   15. History of Space Travel 14
2. Satellites, Earth Resources 15   16. ourney through the Solar System 14
3. Satellites, Weather 3   17. Life in the Universe 14
4. Satellites, Space Exploration 5   18. 25 years of Progress 14
5. Careers 12   19. NASA and the Airplane 13
6. Wind Energy 1   20. Moonwalk 4
7. Living in Space 18   21. NASA Biology 14
8. Manned Space Flight 27   22. NASA Images 4
9. Social Sciences 7   23. Spaceworks 14
10. Space Art 1   24. Skylab Science Demonstration 6
11. Space Sciences 34   25. Starfinder Series 4
12. Technology Utilization 4   26. Project Mathematics 6
13. Aeronautics & Space Reports 4   27. Liftoff to Learning 6
14. Mathematics 13   28. What's in the New-Space 12


Slide Programs with audio cassette & some guides
1. Aeronautics 9. Voyagers Encounter Jupiter 17. Planets 25. Hubble Space Telescope
2. Human Space Flight 10. Space Shuttle 18. Stars & Graphics 26. Magellan Mission to Venus
3. Propulsion 11. Universe 19. Earthview 27. Earth's Atmosphere
4. Space Exploration 12. Halley's Comet 20. Full Earth 28. Space Station Freedom
5. America in Space 13. Skylab Flights 21. A Salute to Apollo 29. Volcanoes of Hawaii and the Planets
6. Moon Landing 14. Space Frontier 22. Transformation of flight 30. Earth Observing System
7. Viking-Mars Landing 15. Milestones of Flight 23. Voyager Encounters Neptune 31. Science from New Worlds
8. Apollo-Soyuz 16. Fragile Earth 24. Seeing the Hidden Cosmos 32. Exploration of Venus


Please refer to our detailed ist of lesson plans and videos that are available at the center.

The Endeavour Center, operated by Space Information Laboratories, Inc, is one of NASA's outstanding outreach programs for students and teachers. Please become a partner in our grassroots space exploration efforts on the California Central Coast. These materials can greatly help to inspire the students you teach!

Directions from the South: 101 to Highway 1 (20 miles past Santa Barbara), Take the Vandenberg AFB/Lompoc Exit. Go 20 miles on Highway 1 until you reach the city of Lompoc. Turn left at stoplight. Go 2 miles & take right on "H" Street. Go through town, past the drive-in movie theater (which is on your right), to the stop light at the top of the hill. Turn left onto Highway 1. Go 5 miles and turn right onto Timber Lane. Turn Left onto Mountain View. Vandenberg Middle School is on the right. The Space Endeavour Center is located in Rooms B8 and B9.

Directions from the North: 101 to last Santa Maria Exit (Clark Avenue). Turn right (west) at the stop sign onto Clark Avenue. Go approximately 2 miles to the 4th traffic light and turn left onto Highway 1 towards Vandenberg AFB. Go approximately 5 miles and merge to right on Highway 1, Vandenberg AFB. Go 10 miles. Turn left staying on Highway 1 (at the intersection of Vandenberg AFB Main Gate). Go 1/2 mile and turn Left onto Timber Lane. Turn Left onto Mountain View. Vandenberg Middle School is on the right. The Space Endeavour Center is located in Rooms B8 and B9.

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