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The Endeavour Institute is dedicated to preparing today’s students for tomorrow.  The new global economy promises great rewards to individuals and nations for innovative and productive leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  Yet our educational system is failing to meet even current needs.  Our workforce and our economy are rapidly being outdistanced by the global competition. 


The Endeavour Institute has developed a STEM education methodology that augments the Inquiry Model with project-based, learn-by-doing simulations and real problem-solving opportunities. 


We help the students choose a series of interesting and challenging projects that will require the targeted skills and knowledge.  The instructor guides them in their inquiries and provides “just-in-time” lessons at points when they want to know the information, can make the most sense of it, and are most likely to remember it later. 


Not only is this exciting and engaging for students but it is also a much more relevant and rigorous education, providing students a brighter future by acquiring necessary & relevant skills for productive leadership and a proven path to college and career. 


Educating our youth is important to all segments of our society and must be a collaborative effort.  As such the Endeavour Institute works to keep all stakeholders engaged. 

  1. Endeavour Institutes:   Integrated on-site programs of courses, events, and collaborations.  We will either provide a comprehensive, turnkey program or will work with school districts to develop a more customized program. 
  2. Professional Development:  specific, state-of-the-art training for Instructors to engage students in real learning, enhance STEM content knowledge, and build effective collaborations.
  3. Students:  engage & excite students in real science and engineering activities, events, and competitions. 
  4. Collaborations:   Build networks of mentors and collaborators including leaders from universities, industry, NASA, as well as parents.

To learn more about how to bring Endeavour to your school, please contact us at