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The Endeavour Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing a new education paradigm within our schools.  It has developed a STEM education methodology that augments the Inquiry Model with project-based, learn-by-doing simulations and real problem-solving opportunities.

The Endeavour Institute consists of the Endeavour Center and Endeavour Academies.  It is a non-profit division of Space Information Labs, Inc (SIL).  

The Endeavour Center) operates a NASA Educator Resource Center and provides STEM youth outreach programs, K-12 teacher conferences, and workshops at Vandenberg AFB.  The Center has organized many NASA Earth Science Mission K-12 Educator Launch Conferences. 

Endeavour Academies provide trained STEM teachers and/or courseware and lab equipment to several middle and high schools across California in support of our Endeavour learning paradigm.   This paradigm is a specially designed learn-by-doing, project-based STEM education methodology.

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